Reasonable Care For Your Pedals

Let's keep this one simple. Here's 5 things to know to keep your pedals working hard over the long-haul:

  1. Use cables not couplers. Those little couplers look like a good idea, but they're a bad idea. First off, on many pedals (including ours) have angled sides. This means to connect pedals together, you are putting a lot of stress on the jacks. The jacks of different pedals may be at different heights. There are several other practical issues, but mostly we want to make sure all that stress doesn't break your input and output jacks.
  2. Keep your pedals clean and dry. This one is pretty obvious. Pedals are not water-proof, and liquid and electronics are not friends. If you're gigging, might be worth having something to cover your pedal board when you're not on stage.
  3. Don’t tamper with your circuit, since that would void the warranty. (Our pedals don't need any modding to sound just right anyway).
  4. Make sure your pedals are secured to your board. If you rely on velcro (our favorite method), don't trust it when carrying the board sideways. I made a little case for carrying my board out of a thrift store suitcase and some foam.
  5. Arrange your pedals so you have clearance from knobs. Accidentally stomping on knobs can mess up your settings mid gig, and worse could damage the potentiometers.
Sometimes electronics components fail, even when you’re doing your best to care for your gear. When that happens, we’ve got you covered.