Circuit Board

Thimble Wasp Effect’s founders Bill & Phil bring together their passions for audio and visual excellence. Every pedal we design starts with a sound concept. A visual theme is crafted to highlight the effect qualities and enhance the experience. Throughout development we’re constantly assessing its creativity and performance to make sure we’re putting something original and inspirational into the hands (or feet) of musicians.

“There was only the singing of the thimble-wasps in her tamped-shut ears, and her eyes all glass, and breath going in and out, softly, faintly, in and out her nostrils, and her not caring whether it came or went, went or came.”

– Ray Bradbury, Farenheit 451 (1953)

Some 70 years ago, Bradbury described the buzzing sound around someone’s earbuds as they were lost in the sound. Today that sound might be you—playing through an Anvil or a Time Lapse or something not dreamed up yet.

Questions for us? info@thimblewasp.com