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The ANVIL BASS is the punch of your bass rig—strengthening your attack and grit without muddying your tone. The overdrive part of the circuit delivers gain while maintaining your attack, and dynamic range. Some low end is reduced in the overdrive part of the circuit for a sharp, articulate sound. The JFet gain stages create a natural, touch-sensitive breakup which highlights the nuances of your playing.

The real key to the pedal is the BODY knob, which blends clean low frequencies with the overdrive circuit. This maintains a strong, clear fundamental, without interfering with the overdriven sound. Clean BLEND knobs are often found on bass drive pedals, but this knob specifically targets the low end to not mask any distorted harmonics shaped in the overdrive section. All the parameters are tweakable in just the right places. The result is a versatile tool with many sweet spots. With any rig, it can add punch and edge, without sacrificing what the bass instrument is all about.

GAIN  Controls the amount of distortion of the overdrive section

VOICE  Adds extra gain in the mid and high frequencies, allowing you to tailor the character of the overdrive section.

TONE  Controls the high frequencies of the overdrive section. It can affect the amount of perceived distortion since it affects the harmonics generated by clipping.

BODY  Adds a separate signal path of clean low frequencies.

VOL  Overall output volume of the pedal.



+ Overdrive Effect with Gain, Voice, Volume, Body & Tone Knobs
+ Size: 4-5/8" x 2.75" x 1.75"
+ Side Mounted Jacks
+ True Bypass (Soft switch with relay)
+ Power & Polarity: 9V DC, center negative (standard). 23mA Draw. Power supply not included. Pedal does not have a Battery slot.