ANVIL overdrive

ANVIL overdrive

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The Anvil is the workbench of your rig—strengthening your output and clarifying your tone.

Voice & Tone:
At neutral settings this overdrive is pure and sparkly. Designed as an overdrive that won’t impact your tone, it’s a quiet workhorse. The knobs allow for a range of flexibility if you decide you want want some tailored tone control when the pedal is activated. The Voice knob allows for broad tonal decisions while the Tone knob allows you to more finely tune the subtleties of your sound.

This pedal is no mask for sloppy playing. It’s pinpoint sensitive which highlights the nuances of your hand work.

The volume knob has a lot of room so whether you’re looking to really crank up your output or keep it subtle, you’re covered.

The Anvil isn't just great on it's own but its also great for stacking. Any lost clarity from a mid-boost pedal can be instantly recovered for leads and general audio mixes in a full-band setting.

Tech Talk:
This circuit uses cascading JFet stages to create natural, raw, touch sensitive break up. It’s a unique circuit, not designed to emulate any specific amp, but rather developed in pursuit of a certain tone.

The Gain knob affects the full range of frequencies, with only a mild cut of the lowest guitar frequencies, going from clean to medium overdrive. The Voice Knob boosts mid and high frequencies to add more gain, without overly clipping the bass frequencies. The Tone knob was designed to be useable at all settings, so the range is more subtle than some pedals. It goes from warm (but not muddy) at minimum to very crisp and cutting at max.


+ Overdrive Effect with Gain, Volume, Tone & Voice Knobs
+ Size: 4-5/8" x 2.75" x 1.75"
+ Side Mounted Jacks
+ True Bypass (Soft switch with relay)
+ Power & Polarity: 9V DC, center negative (standard). Power supply not included. Pedal does not have a Battery slot. 


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