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Bend time, stretch it, repeat it—be the time lord.

With eight modes including a dotted-eighth effect and a tap tempo switch, the Time Lapse is loaded with the most practical delay needs plus some custom extras.

The eight modes include classics like tap delay, dotted 8th, tape, and reverse. Inertia and Reactor are two totally unique time and pitch-bending delay effects that add immediate excitement and creativity while remaining musical and easy to use. The Hold effect allows you to hold a drone note or chord while soloing over top, perfect for solo playing or filling out sound in a keyboardless band.

Effects Chart

Tech Talk:

The FV-1 chip was pushed to its extremes to get both classic practical features, as well as outside-the-box creative effects. The TAP switch allows for TAP Tempo in modes 1-4. In Modes 5-8, the TAP switch has different functions, as shown in the chart below.  

In modes 1-2, the CHARACTER knob takes you from warm repeats that sit back in the mix, to crisp pristine replicas of the input only capable of digital delay.  

In modes 3-4, there is some mild attenuation of high and low frequencies, and the CHARACTER knob adds modulation depth to simulate the warble in an old tape unit.   

The Reverse mode has up to a 1s of delay time, and it really shines when you're playing lines up with the blinking LED.

Inertia mode adds cascading octave repeats, while also warping the delay time.  It can add a shimmery pad sound behind arpeggiated chords, or be used to create very rhythmic riffs. This effect really brings the wow factor.

Reactor has arpeggiated repeats (Oct up, 5th up, unison). The character knob blends the 2nd repeat between the 5th up (max) or another octave up (min). This is useful since with some songs/riffs, the 5th up will jumble the chord progression. The TAP switch sets the 2nd repeat to octave up, so you can hold it momentarily just for that problematic chord, then release it to return to the 5th up.

The Hold mode puts an infinitely sustaining reverb on whatever you played when the TAP switch is held. Then whatever you play on top is completely dry.  The TIME knob affects the release time when the switch is let go, and the FEEDBACK knob acts as a 4-pole low-pass filter on the held sound. This knob is fun to adjust in real time or can be used to make the held sound darker, and more out of the way.

Regardless of the mode, the dry signal is always present and is entirely analog, while the MIX knob adds the desired amount of wet signal.



+ Multi-delay effects with tap tempo switch
+ Size: 4-5/8" x 3-5/8" x 2-1/8" (1590BB enclosure)
+ Top Mounted Jacks
+ True Bypass (Soft switch with relay)
+ Power & Polarity: 9V DC, center negative (standard). 78mA Draw. Power supply not included. Pedal does not have a Battery slot. 


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